Arroyo Hondo


In 1790, Arroyo Hondo was used for cultivating tobacco. In 1875 there were 205 people living in Arroyo Hond and Ángel Cerda was the Alcalde. Francisco Cerda was the Alcalde in 1882. José de León Cerda Aquino was the Alcalde in 1919.

Alcaldes and Census


Families of Arroyo Hondo




Juan Collado married María Ramírez (c. 1797-1877) and had Juan Bruno Collado Ramírez (c. 1816-1876) married Lorenza Núñez Cerda (c. 1819-1893). They had 4 children: José (c. 1853-1888), José Vicente (born c. 1856), Ana Joaquina (c. 1859-1907), and Evaristo (c. 1868-1894).


Ramón Franco Núñez the son of Luisa Núñez Reynoso married María de la Paz Díaz Burgos (c. 1793-1871). They had José Julián (c. 1814-1891), Bartolomé (c. 1819-1879), Gertrudis (c. 1821-1905), María Lorenza (c. 1827-1897), Justo  (c. 1829-1875), and Bernarda Franco Díaz.

Valentín Franco married Ana Ramona Muñoz and had children in the 1870s.


José Iglesias, a native of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain, married Altagracia Álvarez and had children in the 1860s through 1880s.


Lené may be a surname of African or French origin. Modern day it is most popularly found in Tojo, Senegal, and Burkina Faso as well has having a notable population bearing the name in Haiti and France. It is found in Santo Domingo with an Eulalia Lené marrying Juan Bruno José and having Luisa José Lené (Luisa married in 1822).

Domingo Lené married Luisa Vásquez and had Alejo Antonio (c. 1814-1894), Vicenta (c. 1824-1894), and María de la O Lené Vásquez. 


Isidoro Núñez was the father of Isidro and José Núñez. Isidro married María Reynoso and had José, Luisa, Manuel, Pedro and Santiago Núñez Reynoso. Manuel and Santiago remained in Arroyo Hondo while their brothers' descendants would eventually move to other neighboring places. José Núñez married Dionisia de los Reyes and had Augusto, Felipe, Francisco, Jacinto, Juan, and María. His descendants would leave Arroyo Hondo to other neighboring areas of Santiago.

Cándido Núñez was a relative of Isidro Núñez' family. In the death of Benito Núñez Cerda, Cándido was mentioned as his cousin. As it does not specify if Cándido was a first cousin its possible the connection is more distant. Cándido married María de la Paz Almonte and their descendants populated Arroyo Hondo and Piloto, Monte Cristi.


Petronila Ramírez had two children: Federico and Alejo Ramírez (c. 1830-1910).


José María Regalado was born about 1793 and lived in Arroyo Hondo in 1859. He married Sención Cerda and had Ildefonso Regalado Cerda (c. 1851-1876). Jacinto Regalado was an unknown relative who lived in Arroyo Hondo in 1876.