Prudencia Taveras

Birth of Prudencia de Jesús Taveras

Baptism of Prudencia de Jesús Taveras

Death of Prudencia de Jesús Taveras


Prudencia de Jesús Taveras was born April 2, 1870 in Los Ranchos de Babosico the natural daughter of María Clotilde Taveras Rodríguez. Her godfather was José Manuel Reyes and her grandparents were Martín Taveras and María de las Nieves Rodríguez. In these times, the surname Taveras was spelled as either Tavera or Tabera, without the S that is used today. The family was well established in Los Ranchos de Babosico as a cousin, Juan de Mata Tavera, was the mayor in 1875. She had a relationship with an unknown man which produced Ana Rosa Taveras (1888-1974) and Ventura Taveras (died 1955). Following this she had more children Gabriel de los Ángeles (born 1896), María Celerina (1897-1988), Emilio (c. 1902-1989), Ángel María (born 1902), María Efigenia Taveras (1909-1991), and Bautista Taveras (1915-2009). All exepct Gabriel de los Ángeles and Ángel María are confirmed to be the children of José Dolores Rodríguez Tineo (died 1974). Some of the birth dates for her children are inaccurate which should be noted.

Prudencia owned land in Los Ranchos de Babosico which she inherited likely from her parents. This land was sold during her lifetime by her son, Emilio Taveras, who would take the money of the sale to fund his child making escapades. Emilio often sold the land to Juan Díaz, his dominos buddy and partner of his sister Efigenia Taveras with whom they had two children. Prudencia's youngest son, Bautista Taveras keep most of the property intact following his mother's death purchasing some of the sold land.

On January 4, 1946 in Bella Vista, Prudencia was on her deathbed. My grandmother, Germania Ramona Almonte, and a her cousin Bárbara del Cármen "Chicha" Taveras was told by Efigenia Taveras to retrieve the rezadora to pray for her. They left the house through the backyard and the two saw a person dressed all in white appear ominously. Upon their return to the house with the rezadora, Prudencia died. She was 75 years old. Her daughter Ana Rosa Taveras would die in the same house in Bella Vista January 1, 1974.