1868 - Juan Ramón Ortiz and Valentina Cordero

1st with 2nd degree affinity

Juan Ramón Ortiz y Lugo remarried to Valentina Cordero y Ortiz, the niece of his first wife María del Pilar Ortiz y Almodóvar. Juan Francisco Ortiz, the uncle of Valentina Cordero, provided information. D. Toribio Zaes, married, labrador, and 50 years old, was a witness. D. Felipe Feliciano, married, labrador, 65 years old, was a witness. D. Pedro Zaes, married, labrador, 46 years old confirmed the infromation. D. Wenceslao Yrizarri was a witness.

Death of María del Pilar Ortiz

  • Date: March 31, 1866

  • Name: María del Pilar Ortiz y Almodóvar

  • Age: 31

  • Deathplace: Guamá, San Germán

  • Husband: Don Ramón Ortiz

  • Parents: Don Victor and Doña Gregoria Almodoval

Baptism of Valentina Cordero

  • Date: November 30, 1845; Sabana Grande

  • Name: Valentina Cordero y Ortiz

  • Birth: November 2, 1845; Sabana Grande

  • Parents: Pedro Cordero and Leonarda Ortiz

  • Godparents: Don Ricardo Gallardo and Doña María Francisca Ortiz

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