Ercilia Pepín

Ambrosia Ercilia Pepín Estrella (1884-1939)


Ambrosia Ercilia Pepín Estrella was born December 7, 1884 in Marilópez to José María Pepín and Edelmira Estrella Álvarez. She would grow up to be a leader of education in the Dominican Republic and an activist for woman's rights in the country.

In July 1926, Ercilia went to New York City. On January 16, 1931, Ercilia accompanied by her sister Angélica Pepín Estrella de Félix and Dr. Tomás E. Pérez traveled to Miami, Florida to meet with Rafael Brache, Minister to the Dominican Embassy in the United States. Ercilia was going for an operation for kidney stones in Baltimore accompanied by her personal physician, Dr. Pérez. The three left in March back to Santiago.

Her mother's family comes from the Estrella of Canabacoa. Edelmira Estrella's parents were Gregorio Estrella and Carlota Álvarez. Two sisters of Edelmira were Amalia (c. 1862-1902) and Eudosia de Jesús Estrella Álvarez (born 1863). The latter in her baptism indicated she was born in Canabacoa and that her father, Gregorio was deceased by October 12, 1863. This would mean that he died that same year when the records of Santiago were destroyed. The godparents of Eudosia were Luis Estrella and Martina Gómez. Luis Estrella Gómez was the son of Anacleto Estrella Gutiérrez, grandson of Pablo Estrella Fernández, and husband of María del Carmen Estrella. María Martina Gómez Liranzo was the wife of Juan Estrella Villafaña and the granddaughter of Bernarda Estrella Fernández. With the connection between godparents and family members as well as the location, Gregorio Estrella was a member of the Estrella family that descends from Santiago Estrella and Juana Fernández Rodríguez.

A Gregorio Estrella Villafaña had a natural child with María de Jesús García named Graciana García (born c. 1853). It is possible that this is the same Gregorio Estrella that is the ancestor of Ercilia Pepín. If this is the case her ancestry would follow: Isidoro Estrella Fernández (died 1885, Canabacoa) married to Petronila Villafañe Gómez, Santiago Estrella married to Juana Fernández Rodríguez.