Sabana Iglesia

Dispensation of Zoilo Burdier Díaz and María de Jesús de Luna Díaz with their common ancestor being Ramón Díaz.


Ramón Díaz was born about 1780 and produced three sons: Basilio, Francisco, and Juan Díaz. Basilio married Dionisia de Luna Fernández, daughter of Joaquín de Luna and Gertrudis Fernández Gil; Francisco married María Carlota Fernández Tineo, daughter of José Antonio Fernández Núñez and Josefa Tineo Tavares; and Juan married María Victoria Rodríguez-Bourdier Tineo, daughter of Domingo Rodríguez Bourdier and Anastasia Tineo Tavares.

Potentially the ancestors of this Díaz family are the couple from the early 1700s: Diego Díaz and Mariana de Peña Jiminián. They had three children: Juana (married Pedro Collado), María Magdalena (married Francisco Reyna), and Pedro (married Mónica Fernández).

Genetic studies indicate that the paternal origin of the Díaz are of semetic origins as they posses the haplogroup J-CTS5368 (J-CTS12238 on FamilyTreeDNA). This is an 18,000 year old lineage most commonly found in the Arabian Peninsula today.

Descendants of Ramón Díaz